photo:  Jill Johnson

Laura Samuel Meyn

Laura Samuel Meyn is a writer, editor, and longtime vegetarian. After working as associate editor on Bon Appétit magazine’s hardcover cookbook series, she worked on several cookbooks by high-profile personalities. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, where she is contributing editor for 360 West magazine and posts about her vegetarian adventures in Texas and around the country at Meatless in Cowtown on Facebook. See more of her work here.

photo:  Kirk Weddle

Anthony Head

Anthony Head has written professionally about food, beer, wine and other fine things in life for more than 25 years. He spent eight years as a writer and editor (and vegetarian) for Bon Appétit before co-authoring The Real Food Daily vegetarian cookbook. He now lives in Hays County, Texas, and is Texas Editor for The Tasting Panel and The Somm Journal. Visit his website at