Burgers & Bock

Last weekend we went to one of Central Market’s Burgers & Bock cookouts (these events—held Fridays and Saturdays, 6 to 9 PM—include a burger cookout on the patio, an outdoor bar featuring beer, plus a live band). While I wouldn’t have thought it a good fit for my diet, a friend was celebrating her birthday and suggested we meet there for dinner; the adjacent play area makes it a good option for families with young children, and, she added, “It’s the bar you can take your kids to!” I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a hearty vegetarian option among the offerings from the grill: a burger consisting of a grilled portobello mushroom, a thick slice of grilled eggplant, and a smattering of grilled red onions. With a little mayo added to the bun, it was really delicious—and less than $5. Look also for grilled corn on the cob with a slightly spicy sauce. Even better? The chocolate cake her husband bought from the bakery for dessert.