Vegan Brownies

Bakers can relate: When someone really loves your baked goods, you want to make more for them. It’s not like you couldn’t just give them the recipe, but most bakers have a compulsion to continue indulging the grateful. One such person in my life is my friend Kevin, an artist and children's book author, who used to go nuts over my chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies. But these days, Kevin is vegan—so the cookies I used to make for him won’t do anymore. His recent visit to us here in Cowtown meant that not only did we need to find a great vegan-friendly dinner destination (we chose Thai Tina’s, 703 N Henderson St., Fort Worth; 817-332-0088‎), but I also really wanted to bake something sweet to enjoy at home after. I looked at a number of brownie recipes in my cookbook collection and also online, and eventually settled on this one—mainly because it didn’t require a trip to the market. It has none of the unusual ingredients that are usually required in vegan baking; in place of the butter and eggs, you use vegetable oil and then a flour-water paste that you cook until it thickens. While that doesn’t sound terribly appetizing, the results are really, really good, in part because I added half a cup of chopped Callebaut chocolate (made with cocoa butter instead of milk fat) to the recipe, and in part because I used my Baker’s Edge brownie pan that gives every brownie at least two chewy edges. I’m saving the recipe to make with my niece who’s allergic to eggs—and for Kevin the next time he visits.