Sundance Square

On date nights, we often like to have a drink somewhere while we catch up and people-watch, and then walk somewhere else for dinner. An area like Sundance Square, with its many options, makes such a drawn-out evening easy, with lots of businesses within walking distance. While I was previously disappointed with the lack of meatless options at Cantina Laredo (the spinach or cheese enchiladas are the only entrée on the menu that’s clearly meatless), a server there recently pointed out a few other offerings that really expand the menu. I took his advice and got a combination plate with the aforementioned spinach enchiladas and a chile relleno—a cheese-stuffed chile that’s battered and fried (not exactly health food, but really delicious nonetheless). And to change it up from visit to visit, you can choose from mole sauce, the tomato-based ranchera sauce, or the sour cream poblano sauce (the menu only lists the enchiladas with the last option). It turns out that you can also order a vegetarian version of the fajitas (only meat options are listed on the menu). The guacamole prepared tableside is a great way to kick off an evening there, as is a tall cold beer.

Another Sundance Square restaurant we recently visited is P.F. Chang’s; this national chain, big sister to Pei Wei, shares its sibling’s regard for vegetarians, providing a reasonable number of meatless main courses. We shared the Vegetable Chow Fun and the Coconut Curry Vegetables; the latter was the hands-down winner.

And for drinks? In this heat, lately I've been going for a cold beer just as often as a glass of wine; Flying Saucer has a long, long list of domestic brews and imports to cool you off while you take in the view.

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