Ol’ South Pancake House

Friends had recommended Ol’ South Pancake House (1509 South University Drive; 817-336-0311) as a great kid-friendly breakfast spot, so when we found ourselves with pitifully few groceries in the house over the weekend, we took the kids there for breakfast. In fact, there aren’t many restaurants we dare to enter with the kids in tow (they’re 1 and 3 and never, ever slow down), but this cavernous greasy spoon provides crayons and paper menus and all sorts of inexpensive options for the little ones, and it’s already pretty noisy, so it’s a safe bet for parents of young children. Plus, every meatless option is under $6. The restaurant is known for its many varieties of pancakes (hence the name) and waffles, and naturally those are almost all appropriate for vegetarians (request alternative sides). But my favorite item from our first foray into Ol’ South is the Vegetable Omelet, which was prepared with fresh onions, tomatoes, and green bell peppers. The home fries I ordered on the side were unremarkable—and had no onions or other veggies added—but our 3-year-old said they were “yummy” (in other words, very plain). The coffee was predictably bad, a familiar taste that, when enjoyed infrequently, is actually sort of nostalgic for me—it’s reminiscent of the days before we had a Starbucks on every corner, indeed before our grocery stores had coffee bars. And for those night owls (new parents included), this place is always open (24-7).