Love Shack So7

I finally checked out the Cultural District outpost of Tim Love’s Love Shack—as well as the menu’s relatively new vegetarian option, called, for reasons I haven’t yet figured out, Boom Boom Burger. First, the location: So7 is a mixed-use space that’s not quite up and running yet. So while the complex promises to be full of popular shops and restaurants, topped by chic condos and lofts, Love Shack is the only part of the plan that appears to be hopping yet. To find Love Shack, you have to follow signs with arrows that wind through what’s now a big, empty complex. Once you get there, however, you might just realize that a few people have followed those signs before you, because the place was packed the night we went. On our visit, there was a musician offering up nostalgic covers of many familiar classic rock favorites, and a mixed crowd of all ages and stages, from kids on up. In fact, this location promises to be kid-friendly, with such draws as Kids Karaoke on Monday nights and nonalcoholic cocktails in addition to the usual list. Like its older sister in the Stockyards area, this Love Shack has counter service of a small menu, a super-casual hamburger-stand ambiance, and live music; you could stop in for a quick dinner on your way somewhere else, or you could hang out a lot longer. The Boom Boom Burger—a battered and deep-fried portobello mushroom served on a bun with fresh tomato, lettuce, pickles, and special sauce—is a great addition to the menu. When I first blogged about the original Love Shack, I lamented the fact that the menu, at that time, had no vegetarian-friendly options.  Not only was my plea answered, it was one-upped. Frying, apparently, has a tenderizing effect on a portobello; while I had thought a Gardenburger was the most I could ask for from Love Shack, the Boom Boom Burger is so much better. And all for less than $5. Thank you, Tim Love.