Oh, the wind and rain

My vegetable garden got an unexpected lift this week when my friend Beth, who has a green thumb, a sunny house, and no cats, donated six of her grown-from-seed organic tomato plants to the cause. (As I wrote in an earlier post, my attempts at starting heirloom tomato seeds this year came to a sudden end when our cats ate them.) I planted all six tomato plants today, and staked them with sticks from the yard. But can young plants really withstand this blowing wind tonight? This week I’m missing Ohio a bit, where there seems to be so much less wind, so much more springtime rain, and so much less effort required to grow your own veggies in the ground. I’ve been a really lazy gardener for so long, not even needing to worry about watering much, and I can see that Texas is going to require me to be much more deliberate and focused about the whole thing. But I’m also amazed at how many people I’ve encountered here in Cowtown who are devoted to such things as organic vegetable gardening, composting, and water conservation by using rain barrels or underground drip systems. It seems that the harsher conditions demand a more thoughtful approach. I’m very curious to see what happens with Beth’s tomato plants in our little plot, and I’d like to add some purchased eggplant and pepper plants, too. Any varieties that do especially well here?