Fancy Pizza

One of my favorite meals is a carefully prepared pizza, an interesting salad, and a big glass of red wine or a great beer, and it turns out that there are two cozy, grownup destinations for such a meal on Hulen Street, very close to home. The Covey is a new favorite that we’ve been stopping into a lot lately, most recently to catch the second half of a very rainy TCU football game the weekend before last. While I felt very hardcore watching the first half of the game in the soaked stadium, it was a relief to move the party to The Covey’s bar for the second half—and to have a house-brewed beer, a gorgonzola and pear salad, and a pizza with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and basil instead of stadium food.

Across the street is Brix, where we went last weekend. While I’ve driven by it a hundred times, its perpendicular-to-Hulen location makes it easy to miss. Step inside and you’ll find a cozy, dark, and stylish setting for a casual meal and a great glass of wine. We shared a spinach salad, a Pollo e Cipolla pizza (with mushrooms instead of chicken), and a bottle of Pinot Noir. The only disappointment was that the salad and pizza had canned mushrooms on them—an issue that seems to have people somewhat divided. While some hardly notice it, others, like myself, are suspicious of these specimens. Canned mushrooms don’t brown well, and they just offer so much less interest in texture and taste than their fresh counterparts. I closed my eyes and ate, and it was delicious anyway; the pizza, made in a wood-fired oven and topped with caramelized onions, was really good. It’s just the sort of neighborhood Italian restaurant I’ve been missing since moving here.


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