Potty Talk

If I could find a way to get my five-year-old to curb his fascination with potty talk, I would, but the mere mention of a toilet or anything related has him just about doubled over. Apparently he’s not alone, as the photographer who took pictures at his school this year used just such talk to elicit smiles from her small subjects. As a result, my son’s school photo has him pictured in such a giggle fit that his eyes are scrunched up, his smile is toothy and broad, and his face is red from laughing so hard. Fortunately, he doesn’t read this blog, as I am about to engage in his favorite topic.

If you still get any paper bills, you’ll know what I mean about the extra literature that’s stuffed into those envelopes being tossed into the recycling bin before it’s even read. But with this month’s water bill, some such literature actually caught my eye: Fort Worth is offering free dual-flush toilets to its residents as a water-saving initiative. My plumber had never even heard of a dual-flush toilet, so here it is for the uninitiated: There’s one flush for pee and another for poo (oh, dear little boy of mine, how you would love to read this post). Download the application and you can qualify for up to two free toilets per household as long as you meet the criteria. Because I love a green home-improvement project as much as I love a good veggie burger, I’ve submitted my application and am awaiting my two new dual-flush toilets. Get them while they last, and enjoy knowing that you’re taking a step toward reducing your water consumption. You'll reduce your water bill, too. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my 50-year-old pink toilet.