German pancakes

Mother’s Day found us back at Ol’ South Pancake House (1509 South University Drive; 817-336-0311). I feel a little guilty posting about this huge greasy spoon again when there are so many places left to look for great meatless fare, but there are only so many restaurants where one can enjoy a hot meal with toddlers at the table without getting the stink eye—and that was the all-important factor for enjoying Mother’s Day out. Another part of the reason I wanted to go back to Ol’ South was that I had recently read—in the current issue of Fort Worth, Texas magazine—that the restaurant’s Dutch Babies pancakes are among the top 25 dishes in Tarrant County. That’s no small feat considering that only two vegetarian items made the list (the other is something called “Buffalo Bella Italia,” a cheese- and spinach-stuffed ravioli from Arlington’s Piccolo Mondo, which I have yet to visit). So yesterday, among the egg and potato dishes, we also ordered the German Pancake (simply a larger version of the Dutch Babies); its sweet-tart sauce and doughy-with-crisp-edges texture made for such a sublime treat that I temporarily tuned out my noisy kids and my darling husband and just focused on my relationship with that … pancake. Butter, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and powdered sugar melt into a sinfully good sauce, and the pancake itself is an egg-y take on the traditional pancake, sort of like a really thick crepe—nothing fluffy about it. (No theory as to why the larger version is offered as German and the smaller one Dutch. Perhaps it’s more like Deutsch Babies.) It’s worth a visit.