Blue Mesa

Blue Mesa Grill at University Park Village (there are also four more locations, all in North Texas) is the first TCU-area haunt we ever went to—in fact, my husband was taken there when he interviewed for the job that brought us to Cowtown (and we have since learned that this is a favorite of many TCU professors). Admittedly, the blue margaritas (made with blue curaçao) are a big part of the draw, as are the sweet potato chips (mixed in with tortilla chips) that are delivered, with salsa, to every table. But on our last visit, I found another reason to recommend Blue Mesa: it has a special menu, available upon request, for vegetarians (and for those with food allergies, too). In addition to simply listing the vegetarian starters, entrées, sides, and sauces from the main menu, this secondary menu also includes a “Vegetarian Suggestions” listing that offers a very helpful list of regular menu items that can be modified, upon request, to suit the meatless diet. For instance, the Corn Crusted Chicken and Spinach Salad can be made with grilled asparagus or sweet potatoes in place of chicken. I had the Blue Corn Cheese Relleno Plate—with a cheese enchilada in place of the chicken one that it usually comes with. Also worth trying are the Avocado Enchiladas and Vegetable Sampler; meatless entrées are generally under $10 each. The University Park Village location is convenient; if you drink too many of those blue margaritas, there’s a sizeable newsstand at the nearby Barnes & Noble to peruse while putting off the drive home.