Pizza, pizza

There are those national pizza chains that everyone knows, and then there are the local places. It seems to me that one characteristic of a true local is someone who can—with confidence—order pizza from a restaurant without an 800 number. That rarely happens as you’re still unpacking the boxes. As our first year in Fort Worth comes to a close, I’m onto a couple of pizza places worth passing along (though none yet feel quite as much like home as Poland, Ohio’s Inner Circle, with its fresh spinach pizza). Joe’s Pizza has several locations, but the ones we’ve been to are on Hulen (3000 S. Hulen, right by Tom Thumb; 817-989-8800) and Berry (2817 W. Berry Street; 817-926-888). Both offer carryout (but not delivery) as well as dining in; the Hulen location serves wine and beer has more of a family restaurant vibe, while the Berry Street location allows BYOB (don’t expect real wine glasses, however) and, because of its location by TCU, caters to more of a student crowd. In addition to the requisite cheese or veggie versions, Joe’s has an Albanian pizza that’s a meatless standout, with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and roasted peppers. Its Grecian, Margarita, and Delight White pizzas are also meatless. Perotti’s Pizza ( was recommended to us by the TCU football player who helped us move into our house last summer, and we’ve been back a few times since ordering that day, though its Southwest Blvd. location makes it a little less convenient. They offer delivery in addition to carryout or dining in.

It’s also worth mentioning that national pizza chain Papa Johns, with several local outposts, has begun offering a whole wheat crust. On one slice of a 14-inch cheese pizza, making the change to whole wheat crust packs in an extra 3 grams of fiber—and whole grains bragging rights, of course.