Costco as Co-conspirator

Parents, do you ever get frustrated with the short list of foods your child will eat? While the conventional wisdom of small servings and repeated exposures of new foods are all well and good, it's more than a little frustrating to prepare something over and over again only to scrape the contents of the plate into the trash at the end of the evening. Enter Costco on the weekends. Our local warehouse store, on Overton Ridge, has samples at the end of nearly every aisle on the weekends. And something about tiny servings in little paper cups has my preschoolers clamoring for bites of brown rice, lentils, hummus, and many more things that they might not otherwise be too stoked about. I've even taken them there at lunchtime‚ÄĒspecifically FOR lunch. Pair hungry kids with samples on every aisle and you never know what they'll try. IMG_1521