Spiral Diner

Does Spiral Diner need any introduction? As Tarrant County’s only committed vegan restaurant, if you’re meatless in Cowtown, you’ve been here. On this week’s specials menu: A fried zucchini po’boy. How could I pass it up? Until Thursday’s lunch, I felt like I was the only one who’d sat in a New Orleans restaurant watching someone eat a shrimp po’boy and fantasizing about a vegetarian version. In my mind, it was always made with battered and fried artichoke hearts, but hey, I like zucchini, too. This version has the zucchini coated in a spicy breading before being fried (or perhaps sautéed—it wasn’t as over-the-top-tasting as it sounded) and vegan tartar sauce. While the waiter said it would be rotating off the special list soon, he pointed out that the nachos made with cashew cheese, another special, will likely be joining the ongoing menu. For dessert, a cup of coffee sans cream, of course, and a vegan brownie with nuts and a heady dose of almond extract. Spiral, I’m so glad you’re here. IMG_1574 IMG_1575