New line of British cheeses at Central Market

Central Market has teamed up with British cheese expert Juliet Harbutt to bring 16 of her top cheese picks to Texas. Harbutt has written three books about cheese, including The World Cheese Book, an encyclopedic volume that takes readers through the cheeses of England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and several other countries, including the US. Besides her considerable expertise—having founded Britain’s renowned Jeroboams Wine and Cheese Shop about 25 years ago—Harbutt has gotten to know the cheese makers personally: She can describe the farm that many of her cheeses come from, and points out flavor notes attributed to the specific conditions and surrounding countryside. Among her new-to-Central Market selections is Blue Monday from Evenlode Partnership, a soft, creamy, salty cows’ milk blue cheese that she partnered with Alex James of the band Blur to develop. Its texture is divinely buttery, soft enough to spread. Also especially delicious is the Lynburn Oak Smoked cows’ milk cheese from Lynburn Farmhouse cheeses; if you like havarti you’ll love this—it’s got that fantastic mellow creaminess but an added layer of flavor that comes from being smoked over oak chips. IMG_1704