Free at Starbucks

Okay, so their coffee is far from free—I don’t drink any of the fancy beverages with copyrighted names, and even my order is never under $2. But Starbucks is giving away coffee—slightly used coffee, that is—in its “Grounds for your Garden” program, which offers used coffee grounds to customers. These coffee grounds are wonderful for adding nutrients to your garden soil or compost pile. I can’t explain all the reasons why (it has something to do with the phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper added to the mix), but even if you don’t have a compost pile going, coffee grounds are said to do wonders sprinkled directly on, and worked into, garden soil. I’m told that acid-loving plants flourish; that when mixed with compost, coffee grounds speed along the process; and that worms, which all of our gardens could use more of, love coffee, too. Not to mention that the program re-purposes the bulk of Starbucks stores’ waste. This program has been going on for many years, it seems, but I just found out about it last week, when I noticed the bags of used coffee grounds piled up in the Bryant Irvin & Overton (4849 Bryant Irvin Road; 817-263-7070). I didn’t take them all, so stop by and get yours, too.