Flying Fish

Set with the task of identifying some kid-friendly restaurants in and around town for a recent Star-Telegram article, I started asking around for recommendations. I went back to our old favorites family standbys (Joe's Pizza, Pei Wei), I took the kids to places where they usually aren't invited (Joe T. Garcia's, Love Shack) and even tried a place or two that I never thought I'd take them or myself—namely, Flying Fish. With a family from Alabama and their shared passion for Gulf Coast seafood, I've been to many seafood places for, um, whatever it is they might have that's vegetarian. Coleslaw? Grilled cheese? Pickings are usually pretty slim. So that's about what I expected when we went to Flying Fish in Fort Worth. What I found was that not only does this super-casual seafood stand have deliciously fresh vegetable sides that can be made into an appealing vegetable plate, it truly is kid-friendly, too—kids' meals (though not vegetarian) come in a cardboard "boat" with a fortune-telling fish. For my husband, who is trying to fit more fish into his diet, they have grilled salmon. He also likes the huge goblets of on-tap Shiner. For the meatless, the zucchini and squash is the best choice among the vegetable dishes—briefly grilled, just until crisp-tender, with a nice touch of lemon juice and black pepper. Other appealing choices include the sauteed fresh spinach, new potatoes in butter, and, well, the onion rings. Flying Fish isn't a place you'd take a group of vegetarians, but the vegetables are better prepared than I ever would have guessed. IMG_1766