J. Rae's

It was at the 2009 Affair of the Arts that I first tasted a J. Rae's cookie. If you haven't yet, hop on over to Foch Street and treat yourself to one. Generously thick, these cut-out sugar cookies are made in all kinds of sassy shapes (poodles, flip-flops, you name it), and iced in eye-popping colors. In spite of appearances, these are serious cookies: Their dense, moist texture and unique flavor that comes from a thin layer of almond-flavored icing makes the whole thing a marzipan-like experience, only better. They're delicious. So back at last month's 2010 Affair of the Arts (a fundraiser for The Arts Council of Fort Worth), I was delighted to see J. Rae's represented again—with iced sugar cookies, naturally, and  bite-sized red velvet cupcakes, too. IMG_1807