Dutch's Veggie Burgers

There’s nothing like a good sloppy veggie burger, served in one of those plastic baskets with a side of fries or onion rings, to make a vegetarian feel understood. I don’t miss meat at all, but sometimes I miss dining options that don’t include whole-wheat buns and hummus. Sure, vegetarians tend to be a more healthful bunch, and I’m on board with that most days. But once in awhile it’s good to just have a burger.Dutch’s does them right. Their veggie patties taste a lot like the original Gardenburger (although I’m not sure if they are that brand or not). I ordered the Texana burger; it comes on a normal white-bread Dutch’s bun, which is dense and a little sweet, and it’s topped with avocado, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and ranch dressing. The fries are better than the onion rings here; I’m a huge onion ring fan but these seem to be coated in flour instead of cornmeal, making for thin breading that flakes off in brittle pieces, while the fries, made from unpeeled potatoes, are more tempting. They also make a portobello burger, which I’ll try next time—heck, maybe next week. I could see becoming a regular here.