Still Meatless, Still in Cowtown

If you or somebody you know is a freelance anything, you understand that the work tends to be feast or famine, so even when you have way too much work, you’re not really in a position to turn down work. As such, I’ve been totally swamped for the last couple months, mostly due to a large editorial project: I’ve been helping a culinary whiz with her forthcoming entertaining book. It’s been one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve had in my many years of freelancing, and it’s just about done. And that’s my explanation for that fact that although I’m still meatless and still in Cowtown, I haven’t recently been able to share the ongoing stories that occur at the intersection of those two facts. I have, however, found two new places to drink:I love The Ginger Man, though it’s much, much, much more about the beer than the food. Vegetarians who eat cheese have two choices here (I usually go for the Pesto Cheese Sandwich); vegans will be out of luck except for the beer, which might be just fine, because you don’t really go here to eat. The Fort Worth outpost has a cool Camp Bowie location in a freestanding house, and it has an enclosed patio that allows dogs (if you went in October you might have seen some in costume). It’s super-casual. Since beer is the main thing going, I should mention that there are more than 60 varieties on draft and more than 100 bottled. Two worth trying: Maredsous (look out because this one is potent and can sneak up on you) and Rogue HazelNut Brown Nectar. The service is friendly and helpful; if you name a typical beer that you like, they can guide you toward something more interesting to try that you will probably also like. The Covey is an independent brewery right here in Fort Worth, located on Hulen near Bellaire. If you’re going for the first time, order the sampler so you can try each of half a dozen beers they make on-site; after that you’ll be able to decisively order the best pint for your tastes and your meal. The Covey is much more dressed-up than The Ginger Man; the food is upscale and a little pricier than you might expect for a brewery, but it’s very good and the service is friendly, too. There’s always a vegetarian entrée or two, and the pizzas and salads are inexpensive and help extend the meatless offerings.