Date Night

We needed a night out, and badly. I got the babysitter. I got the kids' frozen pizza and edamame. I got the house presentable (well, sort of). So I asked my husband to make the plans for us. I'm a girl who has never liked surprises. But lately, well, the thought of being taken out to a place unknown for plans unknown has an appealing mystery to it. So I posed it as a challenge: Take us out, whatever you want, wherever you want, you're the decider. What followed was like something out of the Porn for Women series; in other words, major you-know-me-so-well points go to my husband. We had dinner at Bombay Grill, sharing garlic naan (probably would get regular naan next time, it was a little too much jarred minced garlic); Saag Paneer, which is creamed spinach with chunks of housemade cheese; and Navrattan Curry, a dish of nine vegetables in curry sauce. The vegetable dishes were so fantastic, we danced around the leftovers the next day, both wanting them, but trying to be polite. And after dinner? Twilight, a total guilty pleasure of a movie.