Vegan Treats

With my kids out of preschool for the summer, I've been venturing outside the home office with my laptop in tow, looking for new settings in which to get a few things done. That's what lead me into the TCU Barnes & Noble cafe, where I was surprised to see a line of vegan cookies at the checkout, from Alternative Baking Company. I tried the Double Chocolate Decadence Cookie; there are also pumpkin-spice, espresso chip, and lemon-poppyseed cookies, among others. Of course, a cookie is a cookie. Organic unrefined cane sugar is still sugar. And before you get too excited about this having only 8 grams of fat per serving, be aware that this single cookie is considered two servings (they are plenty big enough for sharing, however). That said, I welcome more plant-based goodies. These will satisfy a chocolate craving handily; they might not be quite as delicious as freshly baked cookies made with butter and eggs—they're soft and chewy instead of having crisp edges—but they also aren't loaded with cholesterol. In fact, they contain no cholesterol—and no dairy, eggs, trans fats, refined sugar, or artificial ingredients.