New meatless enchiladas at Cantina Laredo

I've loved their prepared-at-tableside guacamole since I first went to Cantina Laredo in Sundance Square a couple years ago, but it seemed like the meatless options were lacking. Sure, the spinach enchiladas are delicious, and you can sweet-talk your waiter into coming up with a meatless combination platter, but a little variety makes a restaurant a lot more interesting. I've been lucky enough to visit this restaurant twice in the past month, and very much welcomed the three new meatless enchilada dishes that have shown up on the menu: Enchiladas de Portabella and Enchiladas de Avocado, both served on a bed of sautéed spinach, and then the decadent Enchiladas de Chile Relleno, enchiladas stuffed with chiles stuffed with cheese. IMG_2239