Frozen Yogurt Everywhere

There are frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere, and here in Cowtown, we already have several. I have tried Menchie's and Yo! so far, and the setup is similar: Take a GIANT cup, fill it with your choice of soft-serve help-yourself frozen yogurt from a wall overwhelmed with choices (I don't trust anything fat-free, so that always helps narrow it down); move to the fresh-fruit, sugared cereals, and candy toppings; weigh it; and pay up—usually 40-plus cents an ounce. Keep in mind that they're giving you a 16-ounce cup, so a modest serving looks like nothing in it. While we found Menchie's to be a little icier than expected on first try, its University Park Village location and modern design make it a very appealing space for a sweet treat. But my family prefers Yo! by TCU (parking, naturally, can be a challenge). My favorite: Chocolate yogurt with chopped-up Heath bars.