Restaurant Update

With the holidays over and vacation time winding down, we’ve had a flurry of nights out lately. And that has given me a second look at some restaurants I’ve been to before and will go to again. I’ll try to post on all three in the next week, but for now here’s my reigning favorite:

Nonna Tata (1400 W. Magnolia Avenue; 817-332-0250) seats at most 20 people, takes no reservations, accepts only cash or check, and is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so it’s definitely not the most convenient restaurant. But when it comes to real Italian cooking, it doesn’t get much more authentic or charming. Of the roughly 20 entrees, about one-third are meatless (ranging from $13 to $21.50), leaving vegetarians with more interesting options than is typical; each entrée comes with a meatless salad—and the house raspberry chipotle dressing is great. This time I had the Pasta alla Zucca (with butternut squash, onion, hazelnuts, brown butter, sage, and parmesan); the squash was roasted almost past where it should have been, leaving well browned chunks of caramelized butternut squash and toasted hazelnuts. Yum. It’s still BYOB with no corkage fee, but now they’re asking you to bring your own wineglasses, too—or pay $3 to purchase one there (we now have two new wineglasses).