Ikea Wrap

I love Ikea for its modern furniture and accessories with clean lines and low pricetags. It also helps that Ikea furnishings and lighting are fitting nicely into the mid-century ranch I'm slowly fixing up. I'm combining family hand-me-downs with modern pieces like this sleek sofa table from Ikea's Stockholm collection. Behind our sectional, it's the perfect placement and height to keep wineglasses away from the kids' wrestling matches and above the dog's wagging tail. But as much as I love Ikea, a sort of dread sets in when I talk myself into making the hour's drive to Frisco from southwest Fort Worth. Once you get there, the crowds, the lack of windows, and the winding pathways through appealing but endless room vignettes leaves me a little dizzy. The restaurant offers respite; true to Ikea's reputation for being thoroughly modern and thoroughly budget-friendly, it sells this vegan wrap for about $2.