Candy Rant

I could go on and on about the ridiculous number of people who have given my children candy in the last month. The biggest offender? The clueless parents who send Gushers candy to Kindergarten for the entire class at snacktime. Come on, people. Kids are a captive audience at school snacktime—no pantry or refrigerator to raid for other options—they'll eat anything you give them, from rice cakes to dried fruit. Try it! And save your Gushers for desperate times. You know, like keeping them quiet on an airplane...and really, a few squares of dark chocolate works just as well while offering them antioxidants, natural ingredients, and a jump-start on sophisticated tastes that will make them more interesting adults (granted, you'll have to wait a few years to pair that chocolate with a lush cab). It truly seems that everywhere my children go, grownups gift them with tantalizing tidbits of artificial colors and flavors. In the last few weeks, it's happened in our neighborhood, at school, at choir, at the barber, at the grocery store, and at ballet. I could talk about how their tastebuds are being poisoned, their appetites ruined for wholesome food, their increased risk of tooth decay and western diseases and whatever else those laboratory-created colors and flavors cause, but I won't. I'll offer, instead, this terrifying visual of what happens when kids eat too much candy. IMG_2635