UT Grad Student Looking for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Pescatarians to Participate in Online Survey

I recently heard about a research project underway at UT about how vegetarians talk about their vegetarianism. What makes this a great topic is that there are SO many different approaches to adopting a vegetarian diet; I've met vegetarians who think cheese is evil and I've met vegetarians who stick to their diet—except on major holidays. Or when tasting what they're cooking for others. Or when it's inconvenient. Or—well, you know what I mean. Note that you do not need to live in Fort Worth or even Texas to participate—they're interested in responses from vegetarians nationwide. Here's the official 411 and link:Lynsey Kluever Romo is a Ph.D. student in Communication Studies at the University of Texas studying how vegetarians talk about their vegetarianism. Please give her your perspectives by filling out her survey. Email Lynsey at lynseykromo@mail.utexas.edu with any questions or to request a copy of the study findings.