Yucatan Taco Stand

Yucatan Taco Stand gives vegetarians one more reason to head over to Magnolia for dinner; while the menu has plenty of meat, the meatless will find many more options than average. They offer vegetarian versions of nachos, tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, grilled sandwiches, salads, and enchiladas—and even one vegetarian dinner-only option: the Latin Vegetarian Mix-Mex Grill with fried rice, black beans, and asparagus and other veggies, served with grilled plantains. All meatless entrees are $12 or less, draught beer is cheap, and there’s a DJ on Thursdays and live music Fridays. As the name of the place would indicate, you do have to stand in a line to order and pay for your food. If you don’t like lines, then go early, because this one is catching on in Cowtown. But once you head to your table you’ll appreciate the restaurant’s cool modern vibe, the servers who will fetch you another drink as soon as you’re ready, and the relatively quick arrival of artfully presented food. There’s a kids’ menu, too; while Yucatan Taco Stand is definitely cool enough for date night, if you go early then the restaurant is also casual and quick enough to bring (well-behaved) kids along.