New Movie Tavern on West 7th

The seemingly slow-growing West 7th area seems to be picking up the pace. In an area that once seemed under perennial construction, the place is now hopping with yet more construction, but also an up-and-running workout facility, multiple restaurants, and a new location of Movie Tavern. The new Movie Tavern location feels more upscale than the one on Hulen, and it has an expanded menu to match, including one vegan sandwich—the ALT Pita (avocado, lettuce, tomato)—plus meatless options like Grilled Four-Cheese Panini with Pesto and an Egg Salad sandwich, both served with regular or sweet potato fries, plus pizzas and appetizers like tempura vegetables, a fruit and cheese platter, and mini sandwiches. I had the vegan Avocado, Lettuce, and Tomato pita sandwich; the marinated tomatoes were good, the pita itself wasn’t.

Like room service at a hotel, eating a meal in a movie theater is more about convenience than it is about getting the best meal (the food seems like it sits around a bit longer than in a restaurant) or the best service (imagine the logistics of serving a movie-theater-size crowd in the dark), but this Movie Tavern does a decent job with both. I think it’s interesting that the West 7th location has a few more meatless options than the Hulen one (which has the ALT Pita but not the meatless panini or egg salad), and wonder what that says about the demographics of being meatless in Cowtown.