Yoga on Hulen

Hallelujah: A new pay-what-you-can yoga studio just opened in my part of Cowtown, on Hulen between I-20 and I-30.  While Karmany Yoga is a donation-based studio—no set fees—they do have a suggested donation of $15 if you come to one class a week, and less per class if you attend more often. It’s important to keep in mind that their continued existence is dependent upon people actually paying fairly for class, but one does get the sense that they really mean it when they say that it’s okay to pay less one week rather than forgo yoga due to lack of funds.  You simply leave cash in a box on your way out. As the website says, “In the yogic sense of karma, as we are giving a gift, it is our hope that you will give back.” I tried a Thursday night class and really enjoyed it. The evening I went, there were only six students and a young instructor, who at first glance reminded me of the sort of guy I dated in college: Young (of course), longish hair, hippie demeanor. It didn’t take long for me to start taking him more seriously, however; this kid knows his stuff and conducted a great class that was both physically challenging and soothing to the psyche. I’m so happy to have Karmany in Cowtown.