Zoës Kitchen

I had heard the rumor several months ago, and now Zoë's Kitchen on University Drive in Fort Worth is open. The news that Zoë's was coming to Fort Worth was exciting: I already knew the relatively healthful kid-friendly chain from its Alabama locations. Anytime I meet up with my many Alabama relatives—none of them vegetarian—they swing by Zoë's and buy a big tub of its house-made pimiento cheese to bring along (they're very accommodating). Zoë's version is a little zippier than its supermarket counterparts, and it makes a fantastic sandwich. But there are many more things to recommend this casual, fresh restaurant. Mainly, lots of vegetarian options. Salads (hummus or Greek), sandwiches (pimiento cheese, of course, or egg salad), and stacks (grilled veggie, which I had last week). They also have entrees like veggie pita pizza and spinach roll-ups. And there's a long list of interesting sides, too. My only argument with them is that the cheese quesadilla on the kids' menu is made with American cheese, which seems like a curious choice for this otherwise thoroughly up-to-date eatery. IMG_2763