*THAT* mom

I don't have anything against sugar. And I would usually rather go with the flow than try to browbeat other parents into seeing things the way I see them. But the collective result of Valentine's Day, for which each of my children's 20-plus classmates brings them a Valentine, two-thirds with candy attached, is sort of a buzzkill for me. It means they came home with more candy than they should eat between now and Spring Break. (I threw out the rest of the Halloween candy only last week.) But the biggest buzzkill is this: With that influx of candy, if I were to buy my own children the little red cardboard heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate candies that my father used to get for me on Valentine's Day, it would just be overkill. So I didn't. And I'm a little bummed about it.

I guess that's how I became *that* mom—the one who helps her kids stuff their valentines with all-natural fruit leathers with no sugar added (each counts for half a serving of fruit!) instead of candy. It's my own small rebellion against the status quo. And guess what? One parent has already thanked me. You're welcome.