I keep hearing about Chadra Mezza & Grill, a restaurant on Park Place, just across from the new location of Esperanza’s. With its Lebanese offerings, it promises to offer more than usual for the Meatless in Cowtown. Surprisingly, in addition to its Lebanese fare, it also has plenty of Italian food on the menu. While the pairing seems a little incongruous at first, and indeed, I found myself unable to order any of the Italian menu items on our first visit, who am I to question something that doubles the meatless options? I might go for the eggplant parm next time. We went for dinner on Friday with friends and really enjoyed it. Showing up at peak time, it took awhile for our party of six to get seated, and after that the service was pretty slow but friendly. As such, we completely filled up on the delicious starters—Hummus, Garlic Knots, Babaganouj, and Manakish, a flatbread pizza topped with herbs and sesame seeds (no cheese that I could detect)—before dinner. I have the feeling I would have been much more excited about dinner—a Falafel Wrap—if it had arrived half an hour earlier. The French fries were great. All together, there are more than a dozen dinner-worthy options that are either vegetarian or can be made vegetarian, and each is marked on the menu with a yellow leaf. I love restaurants that do that. A few in our party had the tamarind margaritas, which are apparently a house special. I stuck with the on-tap Rahr. I have heard that they have a vegetarian lunch on Wednesdays but haven’t checked it out yet; call ahead if you’re interested.