Catching Up

This was my first weekend in Fort Worth in about a month, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I have any fantastic veg-friendly restaurant recommendations to make; this weekend was for catching up, not going out. Of note in March: The last few weeks have seen the opening of Avoca Coffee on Magnolia, an independent coffee house that roasts its own coffee beans on-site. Stop in to enjoy a cup of the freshest coffee you’re likely to find in town, along with the free WiFi and goodies from a few area bakers. I wrote about it in the forthcoming April issue of Indulge magazine. (Any tips on forthcoming restaurants, cafes, or wineries, and other food-related news? Email me; I have a new assignment.)

Buon Giorno Coffee on Florence also had its grand opening (it opened quietly a few months ago) in March. This coffee is   also roasted locally (at their other location in Grapevine); the new Fort Worth outpost has very friendly, chatty service and a bottomless cup of coffee for about $4, which will come in handy if you park it to take advantage of the WiFi for any length of time (and feel free to--there are plenty of tables and no owner crankiness detected).

Fort Worth is fairly bursting with new bakeries, which is good news for me, because it means I won’t have to open my own anytime soon. I wrote about several new bakeries for the Star-Telegram recently and especially enjoyed the opportunity to chat with these inspiring small business owners and passionate foodies. Support your neighborhood bakery—new or old—so it can continue to support you.