Homemade Pizza

It was Friday afternoon, a couple hours to kill with the kiddos, thinking about dinner and shaming myself out of ordering takeout. That's what lead me to pick up Anna Thomas' not at all new The New Vegetarian Epicure, a gift from my parents when I moved into my first apartment in 1997. It's a beautifully written book of vegetarian menus designed for entertaining, full of joie de vivre and fabulous food. But the page that's dappled and dented from being cooked over so many times? The one on homemade pizza, in a section entitled "What do children eat?" We made it our Friday afternoon project, using half whole-wheat flour for the crust rather than all white, and purchased sauce (Muir Glen organics makes a very handy canned one), but otherwise following her instructions exactly. We mixed up the yeast dough, then we went to do a little grocery shopping (mozzarella, peppers); as predicted, when we returned home, they were thrilled with the risen pizza dough, each shaping their own portion and topping it exactly how they wanted, as did I. As she writes, "There's peace in the house." Amen, sister. Check out her much newer soups book, Love Soup, for vegan and vegetarian meals for cooler weather. IMG_0323