LightCatcher Winery

Friday was a special occasion in our family, so we took the opportunity to try LightCatcher Bistro for dinner; it’s just a few miles outside the northwest end of Fort Worth’s loop 820, but it feels like it’s way out in the country. The restaurant is housed in LightCatcher Winery’s barrel room, so while the ambiance is casual, dining among aging barrels of the house-made cab and merlot does have a certain rustic elegance to it. While on the weekend of our visit there weren’t any vegetarian options among the entrées (the menu changes weekly and it’s open only on weekends), there were enough meatless à la carte options to make for a satisfying meal, including a delicious house-made pizza with caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and spinach, and some very special salads—one mesclun with grapes, dried cherries, feta, and sweet-spicy pecans; the other comprised of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. What made the evening especially memorable was the opportunity to try several of the wines in the adjacent tasting room before selecting the perfect accompaniment to dinner. Most of the wines fall into the $12 to $36 range per bottle; we liked the 03 Merlot the best. Bistro prices are higher than what we’re used to paying in town, but the food does merit it. I look forward to going back when the weather warms up to enjoy an al fresco meal on the large terrace.