I did not starve at Beastro

Most dinner parties — what with the salad, bread, and sides — are safe enough. But I've been to enough "nibbles and drinks" events where every-single-thing is meaty that I've become somewhat jaded about my chances for nibbling on much of anything other than plain water crackers that a sympathetic waiter brings my way. And that is why, on my way to Beastro last night, I stopped off at Panera for a bowl of tomato bisque. I needn't have worried. The annual fundraiser for the Fort Worth Zoo was a fantastic party, with meatless tastes from the likes of Tokyo Cafe (corn on the cob with a fiery spiced sauce), risotto cakes with sauteed vegetables (I forget from where), Zoe's (orzo salad and hummus), and loads of desserts like baklava and chocolate-coconut ice cream from Chadra Mezza and tiny red velvet cupcakes from Red Jett Sweets. Probably there was much more, but I wasn't hungry enough to seek it out. The food trucks were well-represented, and so was Fort Worth's well-heeled younger crowd, which swelled in such numbers that we marveled at where they all came from (and who pays for their considerable upkeep). All in all, a fun night with the wild things. Party tip to steal: Large metal troughs full of ice and water bottles, a convenient reminder to all the drinkers to occasionally drink something good for them.