Scooping ice cream has always been an issue for me. As a kid I used to grab a silver spoon from the china cabinet to scoop ice cream (it would bend under the effort), which always seemed to upset the folks. (I had a flashback to that last night when I came upon my toddler using the pointy end of a cable jack to etch lines onto an antique bureau.) Later, we had a plastic ice cream scoop that ice cream stuck to. In college I think I just ate it out of the carton. And in married life, I’ve had probably three or four ice cream scoops so far: the classic scoop shop model with the springy handle that broke much too soon, the trendy ice cream spade that looked cool but never worked that well for me, and a fancy scoop from Williams-Sonoma that was ruined in the dishwasher after only a use or two. But I think I’m finally onto my lifelong scooper: For my birthday, I got a classic Zeroll ($16.95 at the University Park Village Williams-Sonoma, 817-334-0009; or online from Zeroll). This one has a liquid-filled handle that warms up the whole scooper and makes it glide through hard-frozen ice cream easily, to create picture-perfect scoops. It’s truly awesome. But it is not dishwasher safe. And I promise, dear husband, that I won’t ruin this one.