Spiral Dining

The Fort Worth Vegetarian Society meets up once a month for a group dinner at Spiral Diner, Tarrant’s County’s only all-vegan restaurant—and on Saturday, I joined them. Besides the fact that it’s incredibly exciting for a vegetarian to be able to go to a restaurant and order anything on the menu, the atmosphere at Spiral is really fun for a city kid like myself, who gets the warm fuzzies reminiscing about my Los Angeles days when in the same room with a smattering of young’uns showing off tattoos and body piercings (I should clarify that these descriptions don't refer to Fort Worth Vegetarian Society members). Alternative vegan youth included, this restaurant attracts a real variety of people (I’ve seen cowboy hats and older folks there), so anyone should feel right at home. In fact, it’s home-style fare that the menu specializes in—home-style fare made vegan, that is. Among the offerings presented to our table were a Philly Cheez Steak (made with grilled Seitan), "The Mitch" Tofu Club sandwich, and The McNut Burger featuring a house-made patty fashioned from sunflower seeds, carrot, brown rice, and spices. The last isn’t one of those made-to-taste-like-meat patties, it’s clearly a vegetarian version, and that’s what I like about it. While Spiral Diner seems to specialize in faking meat dishes—and they’re offering a much-needed service locally in doing so—I’m just not a fan of meat, period, so I’m not wild about the offerings that lean that way. They do, however, have plenty of straightforward vegetarian choices as well with a sizable menu that has something for everyone. Spiral Diner usually serves beer and wine to go with its good eats, but right now there’s an interruption in service due to some licensing issue that was sort of fuzzily explained to us; the important part is that they expect to be pouring again within about a month. Prices are very reasonable; all entrées are under $10.