Fast Food Fix

I normally don’t do actual drive-through-style fast food, except when we’re on the road. Being something of a food snob and also hitting the wall metabolism-wise (thank you, thirties) keeps me pretty much away from it. But I recently found myself in Burleson, very hungry and with my head buzzing ever so slightly after interviewing a winemaker (this was for an assignment, really), scanning the strip malls for something to eat before driving home. I stopped at Taco Bueno, and to my surprise was faced with a glowing sign advertising a “Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito.” They actually used the word “vegetarian” so I didn’t have to ask any of the workers if the beans had lard or the rice had chicken stock or any of those other fussy questions. So I ordered it, and for less than $2, got exactly what I needed. It’s simple—black beans, cilantro rice, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, tortilla—but very decent in a pinch. The only bummer was a small-type warning on the sign that it will be offered for a “limited time only.” So I’m not sure whether it’ll be available the next time I’m up for fast food—probably our summer roadtrip.