Burger Update

Things change constantly at restaurants—especially the menus. Oftentimes the menu posted online outdates the one you’ll find when you go there in person. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call ahead, especially for vegetarians. And such changes are also good reason for sharing information as often as possible, especially when the new lineup can make or break the experience for vegetarians. That’s why I was so grateful when a fellow veg wrote to share the news that Love Shack in the Stockyards has added a Portobello burger to its previously meat-only burger lineup. That’s a great excuse to go catch a set or a movie when the weather warms up; I look forward to going back. But I’m sorry to report that Studio Movie Grill in Arlington has dropped the black bean burger from its menu; it has been replaced with a turkey burger, which doesn’t do us much good, now does it? You can still find pizzas, quesadillas, and a few meatless appetizers should you want to eat while watching a movie on the big screen.